Staggeringly long list of things to do today:

[s]1. make list
2. post list[/s]
3. add to list
4. dishes away
5. dishes reloaded
6. mark that off the list in hopes that it looks like i accomplished something
7. shower
8. towel off
9. get dressed
10. hang up towel
11. tidy up random clutter in bathroom
12. impressively mark off list through item 12
13. feed the boy something.
14. feed the husband something
15. feed the mommy something
16. clean up after all those somethings
17. update list
18. feed the fish.
19. feed the cats
20. dont feed the fish to the cats
21. take meds
22. give charlie his vitamin
23. marvel at how, even though ive been working steadily on my list, it feels like i've accomplished nothing.
24. painfully acknowledge that this is because i have not
25. pick up junk in living room floor
26. put away shoes in entryway
27. grumble about back pain
28. start the roomba
29. play on the internet while my robot does my housework.
30. do something with my hair.
31. start dinner in the crock pot.
32. pick up girls
33. bring them home
34. do the afterschool routine.
35. nag husband about gymnastics tonight, needing to pay, etc.
36. ignore children to quickly do all the things I didn't do in the rest of my day.
37. go to work, arriving barely on time
38. look over my list of kids to tutor today
39. groan inwardly
40. make it up from there

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Samantha said...

LoL That looks like one of my lists!