Tonight is strawberry preserves. I'm going to try the freezer method instead of canning, as I only have two jars left and hate to go buy more when my mommy has a ton for the taking.

Melody and Charlie helped me get the greens off and the 4 lbs of berries in the pot. They loved pouring in the sugar and mashing. Dixie was too happy snuggling with Schrodinger to worry about anything else. I need to get the rest of the pears done tomorrow and attack the mountains of laundry that have built up this week.

I'm starting to job hunt out of the educational field and realize that every job I've had in the last 12 years has had something to do with education, except for that one miserable stint doing MHMR statistical research. I'm having trouble thinking of what other careers I have enough experience to land a job in and am not getting very far. Suggestions?


mjvaughans said...

Writing. Crafting. However, I think there is a reason you have been in education so long - you are awesome with kids! Why don't you start your own business making costumes? Or Prairie Woman consulting? Just random thoughts!

Betsy said...

I don't have any suggestions either. All I have done is either sales or service...

Anonymous said...

You can always explore clerical type jobs, maybe hr, training/facilitating, maybe government type jobs... the sky is the limit. Teachers have fabulous transferable skills (planning, teaching, writing, keeping records, public speaking, research, etc.)- it's a matter of deciding what skills you want to use and creatively applying them to your resume!

i could see you starting your own business! i am amazed at your creative energy (can you market that?!?!)!

I just saw a really great software developer position (in round rock) in work in texas-- but I wasn't sure what experience dowlan had. i will send it though facebook. if it fits- i will get more information for you.

Aunt Rhody said...


Anonymous said...

Main Strengths:

-Leadership; you are a better leader than any Boy Scout I ever saw in Troop 3.
-Organizer; when faced on a task, you have no peers.
-Communication & Listening; again great skills, although sometimes you don't listen as well as you should if the words are critical. (most of us have this problem.
-Efficiency - you get a lot done in a day; just don't overdo it.
-Focus; very good at drilling down and getting to the meat of the problem.

Ideally, a Community Organizer, but you can do better.

A big part of the problem today is the possible need for change. Both you and Dowlan have a strong 'self-image' of what you are, when in reality both of you could do a lot of different things. Changing that olde self-image takes a lot of courage.

Love ~ ~ Papa