The Afterbath

Mommy: Charlie, come get some clothes on!
Charlie: No.
M: You've run around naked long enough. It's time to get dressed so we can go pick up your sister.
C: I am dressed.
M: No, you need to GET dressed.
C: I am not naked. I am dressed.
(He looks down and gestures to his body.)
C: See my body? I am dressed. I am dressed
(Eyes dart about as he scrambles for a finish to that sentence.)
C: I am dressed like a naked boy. See my head? It is dressed like a boy head. And my body is dressed like a naked boy body.


Unknown said...

Even if it wasn't the answer you were hoping for it is still an awesome answer.

scott said...

love this -
And to me is proof he does have a decent sense of humor