he had a Big Idea

Charlie has barking cough and spent the entire weekend asleep. A couple times he would wake up just long enough to be medicated and then knock right back out. He drank enough to stay okay, but ate almost nothing.

I took him to the pedi first thing this morning. Along the way, I discovered that Medicaid has reassigned primary care providers to my kids that are (once again) over a hundred miles away. At least they're all the same PCP, unlike the time they were 100+ miles away in three completely opposite directions. The doctor's office said 'just bring him in, we'll figure it out later.'

After learning that his lungs are clear but his ears are not, we went to fill prescriptions and get more OTC meds before heading home, as I had online shopping to do.

See, this morning he woke up talking about wanting a little LarryMobile. For those not hip to the vegetation vernacular, this is a LarryMobile. We have three of them, as the need to produce one on demand is strong. We also have a spare one at my parents' house.

But he somehow awoke this morning with the notion that he needed a Widdew MoBEEL and I started trying to figure out how to mold a plastic vehicle that he would not instantly destroy. Yes, I held out the hope that he would forget, but the subject of the Tiny 'Bile is all that could be discussed this morning. He wanted to go to the 'Bile Store. He wanted to see the Doctow wit da 'Biles. I've been Charlie's mom long enough to know that a fixation doesn't just disappear.

So I get home and do a google search for LarryMobile, figuring it would be futile. The original 'Bile of his dreams is no longer made, hence our stockpiling of them. But the first thing I pull up is this beauty: a four-inch model of a LarryMobile.

You know those pesky ads on my blog? I had some money sitting in PayPal from the last month's ad revenue and bigidea.com accepts PayPal. So we now have four Tiny 'Biles headed our way.

Charlie was so excited to see the pictures thaa he woke up for the first time in days and was in overdrive all the rest of the morning. As soon as the 'Biles were ordered, I was summoned to the rug to play Hot Wheels the rest of the morning.

And, after all that time spent making the green car do the same few things again and again and again, I must say that I am also eagerly awaiting the coming of the 'Biles.


mjvaughans said...

I've got one somewhere around here if you need it asap! Let me know!

April said...

Gretchen, this post made me smile. I am so glad Charlie's gonna get his widdew 'biles. Good work, Mommy. :-)