Happy Valentine's!


Well, they're the happiest Valentine's I've ever seen. We started last Saturday with my Cricut machine, a few stamps and some bright, fun paper.


I made a point to only make a few a day, as they tend to get frustrated when asked to write their names fifteen times and I wanted them to do their best for their friends.

Melody focused on getting each child their favorite color and something they like on their card. These are the ones for her class:


Dixie wanted mainly to make sure that no boy got girl colors. Here are the ones for her class, finished up tonight.


Barring any fantastic ice storms in the night, we are looking forward to giving them to our friends tomorrow in our class parties.

I've been extra busy putting fruit on sticks this week, so it's a bit of a miracle that anything got made, especially things that were cute and fancy


Kelly said...

Gretchen, The girls cards are awesome! You all did great! Way to go making sure they didn't get overwhelmed signing their names and giving them time to add their own flare and personalities.

Julie said...

These are so great! I'm so impressed at how you constantly take the time to do fun things with your kids even though you're so busy with all your jobs. You inspire me!

Samantha said...

Wow! Those look amazing. Great job. :)