My turn to be a brat

Melody told me a few days ago,"I'll probably still love you when I'm a teenager. It's hard to tell."

Thanks, kid. Thanks.

However, with the way things have been around here, she might stop sooner. See, I have been Grumpy. Cranky. Snippy. Anxious. I have this weird and horrible pain in my lower left abdomen that hurts when I walk or sit or stand or lie on my stomach or breathe in. And seven hours at the ER today didn't get me any closer to learning a cause, despite the sonogram or CT scan.

I did, however, get a lovely dose of vicodin followed by an even lovelier dose of morphine. It still hurts, but it is like I'm feeling pain in someone else's body. Dowlan has the kids at a church event, for which I am rather thankful as I am not really fit for parenting right now. When we went to go get meds, the girls kept asking me questions and I had a little tantrum of whining and saying, "Stop talking to me!" I made the girls both upset and even Charlie said, "I'm sad!"

Charming, eh?

I'm supposed to go back on Tuesday for a follow-up. Hopefully they can figure it out.


Lori said...

Oh no! I hope they figure out and you get some relief!!

Unknown said...

I had a migraine the other day and told my 2-year-old to go away. Luckily he got over it fast, but don't worry! Even Mommy gets to have her not-so-nice moments.

Lynn said...

I have been having a sharp shooting pain in my lower left abdomen as well. I have had blood tests and ultrasound. So far nothing is showing up..ugh! I am living on Ibuprofen and Darvocet which as you know with young kiddos is not an easy task!

Here's to hoping they figure this out soon!