Today we went to get blood drawn. Charlie's last draw didn't have enough to complete the lead test, so they needed more. They also needed samples from Dowlan and me to send to Baylor's genetics lab to run a chromosomal microarray test on. Apparently, when they did this test on Charlie, there was a deletion on his second chromosome. I'm assuming we'll meet with the neurologist when it all comes back.


To answer Cindy's question, I think two. I've been blogging for 2.5 years and you were one of my first steady commenters. I think you stood out because you were one of the first I didn't know to read and that amazed me. I'm still amazed by all this blogging thing, really.


Melody just told me, in a cheery sing-song voice, "You know, if you just had me it would be a lot less expensive."


Mrs. Joyce said...

Not really, Melody. We tend to spend all we have available whether we spend it on one or ten. But you are all worth it!

Sally P said...

Melody, your life would not be nearly as much fun! And I'm guessing that you learn a lot from your siblings. No price can be placed on those life lessons.