On Monday, I finished my last day of work at my tutoring job, then headed straight for the new town. (Yes, I'm being deliberately vague, this is the internet.) I got there around 4:30 and drove to the new school to see if I could see my new classroom. The principal introduced me to the AP and then gave me keys!

My new classroom is fantastically stocked. I have 11 xylophones, 27 glockenspiels, three 1/2-size guitars and an autoharp, for starters. It's a good-sized space with lots of storage for instruments, costumes, books and music. I have plenty of drums in several styles. I'll have just about anything I need.

Then I invaded my friend's home again. I ate her food and stole her away to go dig through the dusty-covered goodies in my new space. We could have gone on all night, but realized that it was nearly 11 and called it quits.

I started my new-teacher-to-the-district training the next morning. Found out that they hired just over half the number of positions that they normally hire and that there were more applicants than ever. Made me feel even better about being hired. During lunch time, I registered Charlie for pre-k, talked to someone about school for the girls, got more paperwork turned in and then went to my room to look through the curriculum and books there.

That evening, I looked at five houses and am already overwhelmed on that front. I found one I think will work, but it will take work and I'm not entirely sold yet.

Today, I got to meet the rest of the teachers on the campus. Had lunch with the coach and know I'll enjoy working with him. Got a few bulletin boards up then went to another training. Left when it was done to buy a few things for the room, then went to the bank.

I'd been really nervous about the bank thing, as I was rather afraid that they'd laugh at the very thought of giving us money for a house. We got preapproved for just about the right amount we need for the houses we're looking at. That took a load off. Then, I met with the district financial rep to sign up for life insurance, dental, disability insurance, etc.

It just doesn't seem real at all.

Dowlan and Charlie are back home, packing and unpacking, respectively. The girls are with grandma, wearing her out. We've never been in three places for this long. I feel odd, unsettled.

I've also never really up and moved. I mean, I went away to college. But everybody else did, too. Then I stuck around that town for the next thirteen years and figured I was good there for at least that much longer.

The weirdest part came when I was walking around Wal*Mart. You know how there are 3 basic Walmarts and they just repeat from town to town? This one is different. I couldn't find anything I was looking for. And the People of Walmart were not the same people I'm used to finding in my Walmart. These People of Walmart have more children and bigger hair.

And then I walked by the toy aisle and saw something Dixie would love, only there was no Dixie there to love it.

I would like my family back, and soon.


Tracy said...

Awwww. It's just the first few wobbly baby steps of a grand new adventure. Hope it all smoothes out soon and everyone is together and settled.

mjvaughans said...

This made me sad all over again about you leaving!! Although...a new house, benefits, steady paycheck - how could I be anything but happy for you!! :-) It's going to be great! Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you and your family with this great news! I hope you are all able to settle in and it sounds like you will love your new job!!