houses and homes

Friday, we signed a contract on the house! Then, we headed home for a few days to continue packing and bring another load this way. It made for a long and exhausting weekend, but it was so good to be in familiar space again.

Well, except for that part about being in my house when it isn't really my home anymore. That part kept panicking me. I couldn't figure out where to start packing, so I ended up doing nothing for a good portion of the day except sit and stare.

Still, I got another 30 boxes packed, Dowlan got a trailer built and loaded up and the kids got to play with some of their best friends just a bit more. And church was Good. Once there, I felt settled and at home for the first time in weeks.

Today, Dowlan and I went to go to the title company to start that paperwork started. On the way there, I drove by the house again. Dowlan asked me if I was doing that on purpose and I geared myself up to explain that it was a through street and I don't know what all the through streets are and a lot of things randomly dead in, but I didn't have to say all that because he told me that he drives by it every day after taking the kids to school.

He's just as excited as I am!

Every house I looked at before this one was dreary and depressing. It was either tiny and well maintained or a large house with a large amount of work staring me in the face. I walked into this place and fell in love. What little work needs to be done is a matter of preference, not of necessity. We are buying it from the great-granddaughter of the man who built it and it has been lovingly and properly cared for in the 79 years since he laid the first stone.

As much as I hate to be moving, it feels really good to be moving TO something instead of just moving away because we ran out of other options, know what I mean?

The family we're staying with is amazing and we are more comfortable here than I ever could have imagined I'd be in someone else's home. We fit quite cozily into their playroom and things go rather smoothly around here.

But, still, I drive by each day, waiting for it to be mine.


Cathy said...

Gretchen, all the great things goinf on with you and your family this last month are giving me joy in what is an otherwise fairly difficult time for me. My heart smiles when I see you coming out of the dark times and into the light. I hope to join you out there soon, lady. Can't wait until you're moved and settled in to your new life. You deserve every good thing that comes your way.

Mrs. Joyce said...

I am thrilled for you! God is good all the time.

Carol said...

Love the new blog look! And so happy things are going well for you. Much deserved!