Charlie's Edumacation

Each morning, Charlie and I head to school while Dowlan and the girls head the other direction. We go into my classroom for a few minutes while he finishes breakfast or plays with some of the toys in my room. At 7:30, we walk into the lounge to put my lunch into the fridge. Charlie has named this The Eating Office. Then, we go up to the main office to sign in and check my box. This is The Paper Office.

Then, we begin the reluctant walk into his classroom.

Pre-K is going far better than any other classroom he's ever been in, but that does not necessarily mean much. Today, two weeks into school, we had the This-Isn't-Going-So-Well chat and I began Special Ed paperwork for him. His teacher is very patient and willing to do what she needs to help him out, but has done this long enough to know when to call in the troops.

Wednesday, we were wandering through a herd of thirty or so kids as we left the gym. Charlie, ever chivalrous, kept saying, "Excuse my butt! Excuse my butt!"

I told him, "That is not nice. Butt is not a nice word."

"But everyone has a butt," he said. "People has butts."

An excellent point.

"You have a butt, Mommy," he says as the children snicker.

"Yes. I have a butt."

"And she has a butt," he says, pointing randomly.

"Charlie, everyone does have a butt, but there are nicer words we can use to say 'excuse me'."

He thinks for a moment, then begins to say, loudly, "Excuse my boo-tah-day!"

I'll never hear the end of that one.


Katy Cruser said...

I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I wish we lived closer to you guys, so we could get to know the kids better. We so enjoyed them at the holiday (I know it is hectic traveling with young ones, but we so appreciate being part of their lives).
Reading your blog helps keep us in loop. Thanks for posting.