Before i forget,

I have to tell you about charlie's new worry. . . Getting married.

See, he says that he has to get married so he can 'get big and go to kindergarten.'

Yeah, all the cool five-year-olds do it, mom.

He isn't yet convinced that he doesn't get to marry mommy or daddy, but seems to be finally moving away from that idea, as evidenced by last night's conversation.

'Mommy loves Charlie and daddy loves Charlie. Charlie needs to get big and find him a nice boy to get married to. Still mommy and daddy will love Charlie, though.

Yes, Charlie. Yes we will.


Tracy said...


The Beach Life said...

That is too cute Gretchen:) I love the new look of your blog!

It's funny you brought up getting married. Steven can't wait because then he thinks once he gets married, he'll be allowed to play with all of the things he is told to stop touching. Can't blame him for trying;)

Anonymous said...

I can fix him up with this cute 3 year-old named Eva.

I guarantee their kids will have beautiful eyes.

Love ~ papa