Charlie and school

Having Charlie in daily preschool is going about as well as one might expect. He's less resistant to go every day, now that it has been several weeks, but he still finds it to be a miserable experience and doesn't understand why he has to spend three hours a day with this teacher who thinks he should do things like sit down, listen and share.

She has been incredibly patient and is trying hard to work with Charlie, but did say at our last talk that she could spend every moment of every day with just Charlie. He requires so much attention. He needs more than what one teacher in with a classroom full of kids can do.

We had started SpEd paperwork at the end of the second week of school, but it got kicked back because it apparently cannot be submitted until AFTER vision and hearing screening are completed. Yesterday, we redid the paperwork and they have 60 calendar days to evaluate him and then 30 days after that to have an ARD meeting to go over their findings and create his education plan.

The counselor at my campus has a child on the spectrum and has been quite useful in all of this. She sees Charlie's need and supports the idea of getting him into special ed.

It feels so good to have people around who see his needs and are willing to help. Now let's just hope this doesn't really take three months. December is a long time away and we're losing time.


Sally P said...

Sweet talk that preschool teacher into encouraging the right people if she can! I find sharing other previous evaluations can be helpful in getting the ball rolling. It gives them a starting place. And cookies don't hurt ;) Friendly emails or phone calls to check on the process can help them "remember" that you are still waiting ;;) Good luck! I think it will be different this time.

dalene said...

Are you officially moved into the new house yet?