One of the first purchases we made when we learned about the move was a dolly. This has caused much controversy in our household.

First off, Dixie and Melody do not acknowledge that it is a dolly. It does not have a head. You cannot snuggle with it. It cannot be a dolly. It is a mover.

Charlie calls it a changer and uses it as Superman would use a phone booth. He stands on it, arms crossed, and you lean him all the way down and then back up. Voila! He's suddenly a different superhero.

It was not long before the girls realized that they could wheel Charlie about the house that way. Mommy did not approve.

Then, two weeks ago, we were at the old house to pack it up some more and I snuck away for an hour long full-body massage. I came home to find that I no longer had a son, but was now the proud owner of a dog named Cardutoo.

Cardutoo has gone many places with us in the past week. We were heading somewhere the other day, when the puppy would not put his shoes on. I told him they were special puppy shoes, so he put them on his hands, calling them handshoes. I only confused him by informing him that gloves, in German, are called Handschuh. He then asked for two more for his feet.

Today was a long, long day and I escaped for two hours to the new house to hide from my family. Dowlan called to tell me it was safe to come home, as the two children and Bad Kitty Named Chihuahua was asleep.

Not a bad chihuahua, no, but a Bad Kitty that was named Chihuahua. This was a very sticky point, apparently. He used this as an excuse to run through the house, but Mindy set him straight. "Bad Chihuahua can't run through the house, either."


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