The tooth fairy can't keep up!

Melody lost her first tooth yesterday! She woke up, sat up in bed, moved her tongue and it just plopped right out. I took a picture, but don't have a way to get it up in our current state of chaos.

Then, today, Dixie lost a tooth. It is the second one since school started. It is, what, the fourth week of school?

All the extra cash came in handy at the book fair, however, Dixie wishes to only use hers to help buy our house. Such a sweetie, that girl.

Tonight we got to go to meet the teacher night. We were over at the new house doing a few things, so we got to walk the two blocks right over and it was sweet to do it as a family. We talked to the teachers, saw the lovely work they had displayed for us and admired it accordingly before going to the hot, unairconditioned gym where they were shilling books.

The girls both picked books fairly well, but the line was long, the tummies were empty and that place was hot. Fortunately, Dowlan and I could trade off on the meltdowns.

Walking home, Dixie began to sing about her nipples, so she and I had this conversation:

Dixie: They look like eyes when I squeeze them hard.
Mommy: Why would you squeeze them hard?
Dixie: To see if they are producing milk yet.
Mommy: But they only produce milk when you are a grown up and have a baby.
Dixie: Mo-om, don't you remember anything? I think I'm pregnant.

Oh, that.

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