Betcha didn't think I'd get it done this year

Anyone who has been around awhile knows that there are certain aspects of mommyhood that I relish. Things that I enjoy so much that they make it worth putting up with the actual kids.

Halloween tops that list. I love the challenge of sewing their wildest dreams.

I wasn't entirely certain it was going to happen this time 'round. Especially since it was about two weeks ago that I looked at the calendar and swore a bit.

Friday after Dowlan left town, I braved small town Wal*Mart at 5 p.m. only to discover that they have no fabric section. *gasp* So we bought our rake and groceries and spent the next grueling hour in Hobby Lobby.

The ever prepared Melody has known exactly what she wanted to be: an angel. Her dress is made and awaiting a halo and wings.

The never prepared Dixie changed her mind as the fabric was being selected. She'd planned on a traditional ghost costume--the sheet with the two holes in it--but saw some sparkly fabric and went for a ghost bride instead. So Sunday, between long stretches of sleep, I made a wedding dress in two hours. It's still awaiting the ghastly part, however.

And today I broke a personal rule to avoid bweaking his heart: I made Charlie the same costume as last year. I was never completely satisfied with last year's LarryBoy. The eyes weren't right, the neck hole too big. Frankly, the whole thing was too big. A refresher pic:


Or two:


Also, it's current location can only be described as, "in a box in the room with the blue carpet." Yes, it is quicker to sew a new costume than to unpack.

So here's LarryBoy deux:

halloween 10

And, because someone said, "Get a pictuwe of my boo-tah-day!"


I'll get more pics later (when I find my camera). The phone does a decent job, but the colors are off. The purple looks blue. Also, I gotta stiffen up those super suction ears a bit. Still, not bad for two hours' work.

Bonus pic~Two Super Cool Guys:

dowlan charlie


shaibaer said...

Soooooo ADORABLE!!

And Larryoy Deux isn't too bad either, lol!

Sasha said...

You are talented, GMoney! Love both versions!

Becky said...

So cute!!!
Charlie looks so grown up.

Kristin said...

You AMAZE me with these talents! You're a great mom ~ those rugrats are blessed to have you!!