Oh, and

Last night, I was convinced I had strep, so I typed in for a sub. (Thanks to the interwebz, no calling is left in calling in sick.)

Then, I slept for fifteen hours. When I awoke, I realized I didn't have strep. Just no more energy or voice yet.

Oh, and, this evening, Dowlan got a really lovely rejection letter from the university. Of the forty people they considered, he was in the top, but not their ultimate choice.


That's okay. The thought of having two full-time working parents and an un-unpacked house and having to find childcare for Charlie was practically giving me palpitations. A job will be fantastic, but not quite yet.


Sally P said...

In God's time, right? I think you are right. Dowlan will get a job when it's the right time. And it's okay to live in your new house with boxes for a while. It does not have to be perfect, just functional. Take care of yourself!

Deb said...

I'm sorry he didn't get it, but I'm glad it buys you more time to get settled.