Charlie the territorial eater

Charlie has always been a fan of his food. During the baby food stage, he'd down ten jars a day, plus nursing, bottles and rice cereal. As a toddler, he reminded me of a dog guarding it's bone--too close, and he'd give you a look that says, 'I'm growling at you on the inside.'

His food allergies give him great cause for anguish, especially the strawberry allergy. Heck, I can sympathize with that one. Strawberries are pretty amazing.

He'll tell you, "I not 'lergic to dat. You 'lergic to dat. I gotta eat dat." At his birthday party, there was a bunch of fresh fruit out and he'd tell anyone who would listen, "I can have stwawbewwies. I have one in my tummy wight now and it is yummy."

No such luck, kid. Not going to bite.

Being on a gluten free diet adds yet another compounding level of frustration. "I love gwooten. I eat it. You eat da gwooten fwee stuff. I no eat dat no more."

Dowlan has found that dying some of it green solves that problem.

Now he has started moving in on our food. I had a drink the other day and he said, "Dat is mine now. See? I dwink it. You dwink dat, I bweak you heart." Later, when he saw me near it, he repeated, "I gonna be bweakin' you heart now, you dwink my dwink."


PapillionMom said...

Oh Charlie..my son Jacob feels your pain. He is severely allergic to artificial coloring additives as well as most preservatives. We have to avoid dairy like the plague, kiwi, mango, green beans, fish and a whole laundry list of others. It is hard on anyone, but especially so on growing little boys!!

Anonymous said...

I have this recurring fear that my Grandson will grow up to be a conman or a politician.... Papa