The heartbreak continues

Yesterday, while taking Charlie to pick the girls up from school, I saw a huge, pus-filled wasp bite on his knee, complete with intact stinger. Taking advantage of this five-point-harnessed self, I removed the sting and oozed the ooze out of it.

Ooh, he was mad.

Charlie: You make my owie ouched! You bweak my heart! My heart don love you ennnymore!
Me: I'm sorry, honey. I had to get the stinger out.
Charlie: Dat bug put it dere. It wanted it to stay dere.
Me: Yes, but I had to get it out so it would heal. I had to get the stinger out and the pus out.
Charlie: My heart loved it. My heart loved dat pus.


April said...

"My heart loved dat pus" is going to reverberate in my brain all day long, and it is going to make me smile amid the massive anxiety I am feeling, and I am going to love Charlie more and more and more as this happens. He's an angel on Earth. The real kind. Not the stupid, peaceful, frilly kind. The kind who make people realize what really matters in life. Pure, unadulterated angel.

Sally P said...

Oh, Charlie, you break my heart! How adorable! I'm sure he is a bit grumpy when delivering those words but I would want to just hug & squeeze him for being so sweet.

Cory Galik Cummings said...

This is going to be a fantastic story to tell his dates when he is a teenager!

Jilly said...

That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time. "My heart loved dat pus." Dat bug put it there. He's the only kid in the world who falls in love with a stinging wasp.

Adriana said...

Remember when this was as heartbreaking as it got? :-)

Deb said...