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When I took Dixie and Charlie to the pediatrician for their annual checkups, I was impressed at how much time she took with us. She was thorough and seemed to listen.

All is well with Dixie. She had lost some weight when we changed her meds earlier in the year, but she's gained some of it back. She's gotten taller as well.

Charlie is not growing quite so well. In the last year, he only gained four ounces and grown less than an inch. At 34 lbs, he weighs what an average two-and-a-half year old weighs. He wears 2T clothing, except for pants. I buy him 3T to be long enough, but sew darts in to keep them up.

He's always been small, as has Melody, but he's always grown before. Melody grew on her own slower curve, but she grew every year except for during the waiting-for-a-tonsillectomy fiasco.

So his new diagnosis is Failure to Thrive. I've never known someone diagnosed FTT who was this old, so I really don't know what to think and have successfully avoided Dr. Google.

Mid-September, we get to go visit a pediatric gastroenterologist who, thankfully, comes to our small town two days a month for appointments.

His speech therapist is going to do some tests for sensitivities and mouth problems. I'll give him 2 cans of Pediasure a day. Depending on what the new specialist says, he may end up in eating therapy once a week at the same place he does speech and occupational therapy.

I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Just a random reader here (I can't even remember how I started reading your blog, but I like it so I keep reading :-D)
I'm with you on getting a FTT at this age. My youngest is a little over 3 1/2, and with my procrastination in full swing, I finally got him to his 3 year check up to find he's grown only half an inch in a year and a half, making him smaller than the average two year old.. I'm right there with you on not googling reasons for the lack of height. He also only gained a pound since he turned two, but with both my kids, that's very normal for them (at the rate they gain weight, they may actually reach 50 pounds by high school graduation).