Why Trees Are Dangerous

(according to Melody)

1. If it is a coconut tree, a coconut could just fall off at any minute and BOP you on the head and that would really hurt.

2. Even if it's not a coconut tree, say you were playing ball earlier and the ball was stuck in the tree and you forgot about it, but later you're playing under the tree and the wind blows and the branches move and BOP! there goes your head again!

3. If you're touching a tree and it starts to rain, lightning could get you.

She then moved to the perils of dirt.


Anonymous said...

At least he isn't afraid of the dark! oma

DowlanSmith said...

Has she been watching the grumpy doctor (House) again.

If she mentions systematic organ failure tell her to flip a coin for steroids or antibiotics- and start looking for a liver.