How I woke up this morning wasn't any better.

Dowlan has this exceedingly irritating habit of sleeping. He feels compelled to do it every single day, and for several hours. I just don't get it. The worst part of it all is that he feels compelled to do it when I want to be doing it and while the kids do not have the slightest desire to be engaging in said activity (or inactivity).

So when the baby wakes up too early, he will give charlie a bottle on the couch and go back to sleep. But he has a plan, a brilliant plan. He will put two chairs on their ends to trap him and confine him to the area right around the couches. (I am thinking I need to re-enact and take a picture maybe?)

There is a problem with this plan. The chairs do NOTHING to stop him. Nothing whatsoever.

This morning, I am also asleep on a couch because of Lil UG (full name: Little Ulcer Guy.) I do not like Lil UG, not in the slightest. Remember yesterday's pic of Dowlan's Bento lunch with the butterfly sandwich? I ate the remnants of the sandwich, and then paid for that mistake by writhing in stomach pain for 4 hours from the 1/4 tsp. of mustard it contained.

So Dowlan is on the couch, asleep. I am on the loveseat, asleep. Charlie is crawling around the entire house, very much not asleep. He gets into the trash can (yes, I love his newfound baby skill!) and pulls out an old banana peel.

Let me pause to inform you that there are two things on this earth I deeply despise: crimes against children and bananas.

So I am awakened to the sensation of being smacked in the face repeatedly by a black and moist banana peel that is clutched in the paws of my small child.


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