I'm Not Your Sunshine (and other recent events)

So this is how I woke up this morning--Melody comes in, jumps on me, and begins to sing the following delightful song:

I'm not your sunshine!
No, not your sunshine!
I won't make you happy, no, no, no way
I will take away your sunshine
Take away your sunshine
I will take your (blank look) ME (relief) away.

It is far better than how I awoke Monday morning. Melody jumps on me and we have this conversation:
Mel: Hey mommy! Somebody fixed my LKCJSOIKDFNSD
Mommy: that's great. What did they fix?
Mel: My SWING.
Mommy: (swing? where do they have a swing?) Uh, Melody, where is your sister?
Mel: We were just outside playing.
Mommy: !

So mornings aren't the best around here.


Exciting event: Mr. Charlie Pants took his first step today! Despite any other lies and propaganda put forth by evildoers like my sister-in-law, husband and dearly despised friend Amanda, who claim to have seen previous steppage from the boy, they are LIARS. This is the first step witnessed by Mommy. That makes it The First Step.

I told him months ago that he was only allowed to begin walking once Dixie began school in August. He has proved to be a very compliant child--Dixie had her first day of school yestedray. Charlie started stepping today.

(more about Dixie and School as soon as i figure out photos.)


Unknown said...

Congrats to Charlie and Congrats to you on your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more!

Papa said...

Wow, this is great stuff!! ~ ~ Papa