the things they say

"Mommy, why does daddy go to work and mommy goes to shopping?"
C'mon Melody--we're at the grocery store, not at Neimann~Marcus. Did I even spell that right?


Melody, counting in Spanish:
Uno, dos, dress, taco, stink-o, face.


Me: Hurry! Get in your carseat! It is raining on me. You're in the car, so you're dry, but the longer you take, the more rain falls on me!
Dixie: But mommy! I don't want you to get wet! If you get wet, you'll melt and die. And then I'll have to drive us to our home and it won't be good, because I'll hit all the other cars with our car and it will make grandma so sad!
Extremely logical, this one. Especially considering that we were leaving the swimming pool. But, hey, if you think a little water will make mommy melt and it gets you to hurry . . . HEY! Did she just call me a wicked witch? Subtle, this one.


So Dixie and I are sitting alone in church. I have to go to the bathroom, so I tell her to come with me. She thinks she's in trouble, apparently, and yells (right as the church gets very quiet):
Mommy! But what are you going to do to me this time?

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Anonymous said...

Those kids of yours are so very comical.