I can now say with fair certainty that stupidity is a disease

While I haven't thrown up in 40 hours, I am far from hearty, hale and healthy. Far.

My head and my stomach and my eyes and my face and my teeth and my back and my neck and my arms and my muscles in my chest and even my bowl full of jelly--they all hurt. I am mentally operating (ha!) in super slow-mo. That's right, kids--my brain is one big long scene from The Matrix.

I just took a hot bath. Bubble baths are one of the sustaining gifts of life, in my (somewhat) humble opinion. As it came time to get out, I started to wash my hair. I pick up the first bottle: conditioner. The second: conditioner. Number three? Bubble bath. Conditioner. Bubble bath. Shower gel.

No shampoo to be found within arm's reach.

I start looking at the bottles, my mind racing at it's rapid turtle's pace. I think, "Shower gel is soap. Shampoo is soap. Therefore, Shower gel = Shampoo."

I open up the bottle and the scented stench overwhelms me. Gagging, I snap it shut. I sink back into the water for another ten minutes.

I remember having put bubble bath in the water. So that must mean that it has some surfactant qualities to it, right? If I swish my head under the water long enough, something will come out of it. Enough to condition my hair and end this mental torture that my bath has become.

So I swish. Swish. But the movement is getting to me. So I give up and decide to just condition my hair. I'm only going to get back in my jammies and relocate to my couch, right? Does the condition of my hair really matter?

So I apply some conditioner, only it won't spread through my nasty swished hair. Like any rational person, I decide to just add more. I rinse. The sensation of water moving over my head is overwhelming.

I stand in the tub, grab a towel, lean down and wrap it over my hair. Then I flip my head up. HUGE mistake.

I stand there, trying to figure out how to get out of the tub. I feel unbalanced. I take two steps, then notice the shampoo sitting on the bathroom counter, realizing that it had not once occurred to me to expand my search area to include the Greater Bathroom Regions.


Hippie Mama Kelly said...

I feel your pain! I have been there and it is no fun. Hope you feel better soon and get over your stupidity disease!

Betsy said...

Poor you! That really sucks. I hate being sick... :( Feel better soon.

Cindy said...

I am sorry you are sick. NO FUN.
I had a kid in my chair today (cleaned his teeth) and he told me his brother had been throwing up all night. Guess who's chair the brother was going to be sitting in next. You got it, MINE. Dang.
I just hope I didn't get exposed. The flu is in town. Apparently EVERYONE'S! Feel better!

Lacy Rose said...

I knew we couldn't avoid the mom sickness. I havehad it for the past 2 days and I am pretty much over this. I thought a bubble bath would do me good until I started heaving. So hot it was when I was leaning over the tub with my hiney in the air hurling into thetoilet while my husband stood in the doorway... and stared at me. He hasnt talked to me since. I wonder if it scared him for life? lol.

Feel better soon!!

Mamalicious said...

Oh Noes.
I'm sorry you have the sick.