Random bits

Dixie would like to know, "What happens if I sneeze out my soul?"

Melody would like to know, "What happens if a seed from a daddy elephant walks into your tummy and you have a baby elephant grow in your tummy?"

We have subsequently banned the phrase 'What happens if?" from PennyVann. Gotta quash those young minds and stop them from thinking so dang much.

On the Charlie front? His new favorite thing is to follow me into the bathroom so that he can use my legs as racetracks for his cars while I'm otherwise occupied. In fact, the only way I'm getting the free time to write this is because Tow Mater is doing doughnuts around my ankle.


Betsy Hart said...

LOL! I can totally see that same ban in my future! :D

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

Moms never pee alone.

~Gretchen~ said...

Agreed, we never pee alone, but having to sit there for him to finish long after I'd finished was a new level of intrusion.