list of things i need to do today, but probably wont:

  1. empty dishwasher
  2. fill dishwasher
  3. run dishwasher
  4. re-empty
  5. re-fill
  6. re-run
  7. re-peat
  8. (yeah, it's that bad)
  9. Fold laundry. Lots of it. For hours. Then put it away. OR leave it out so i can fold it again tomorrow.
  10. pick up all the damn toys. This could take weeks.
  11. Throw some attention in the direction of my children. And some food.
  12. Clean the floors. sweep, mop, vacuum, de-tox, cleanse, whatever
  13. wash my nasty hair. only, it's too cold. so wait for it to warm up, then wash my nasty hair.
  14. locate the pile that my desk is located under, then begin the archeological dig needed to find said desk. Catalog each item discovered, as it is apparently a rare treasure, which is why we've allowed it to pile for so long.
  15. put clothes on. well, maybe not clothes. at least a bra.
  16. cut charlie's hair. it's getting a little too shaggy. between the long hair, the princess jammies and the painted toenails it is getting easy to make the wrong assumptions about that kid


Susan Lechuga said...

You can do it supermom! I know how its like to get the wrong id with the wrong kid. She is so cute to my son drives me nuts. Good luck. I am trying to pick up a little bit each day. Have a great one!

Jenny said...

Your day sounds like mine! Good luck!

msguish said...

Just do a little at a time and it helps tremendously! Don't try to do everything at once . . . although it might save you time to do the dishes and wash your hair together . . .

Anonymous said...

The only difference between your list and mine...take out dishes, and add "Shampoo floors where Sydney spilled and/or took off her diaper and peed when I wasn't looking." Between my whiplash/back pain and her recent addiction to total nudity...waaaaaaah!