Melody has a PBS obsession

Before we get started: last night, we were shopping at a thrift store. Dixie is standing behind me and I hear her exclaim, "Oh, Jesus! My Lord!" and I turn to get onto her for saying that when I see that she is indeed referring to Jesus, her Lord. He is very large and displayed on black velvet.

On with the tale . . .

Now that the kids are waking up routinely before 6 a.m, my standards of "No TV before school" can just bite me. I tell them to get dressed and I will throw some food in their general direction as they absorb the nourishment that is public television. In the last day or two, we've switched our morning breakfast station from Disney to PBS because Melody has discovered that she can watch TV and Learn. Melody loves nothing more than To Learn. She even says it to where you can hear the capital letters.

So this morning we turn on the TV and have the following conversation:

Mommy: Oh, no! Mister Rogers Neighborhood is ending. I loved that show when I was a kid.
Dixie: He is such a bad man. I don't want to watch his show.
Melody: Oh, no. We cannot watch a show about a Roger. And a whole neighborhood of Rogers? *shudder*
Dixie: It is a good thing we don't allow Rogers in Texas.
Mommy: Robbers are bad people. Rogers are just overly friendly guys with a fondness for sweater vests.
Dixie: Oh.
Melody: Oh.


So now Curious George is on. Not exactly sharpening the mind, but I did catch this fantastic quote: George tried to show Hundley how his bones were healing, but dogs don't read x-rays.


msguish said...

Sometimes, I think it would be fun to live a day in your life. . .
Your girls are wonderful!

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

PBS is all my kids watch. Mainly because that is the only channel we have that have cartoons on them! Curious George is a staple in my house. And I just realized the other day that the reason my son makes some of the noises he does, is because that damn monkey does too!

Betsy said...

Um what?! A fondness for sweatervests?? And she is HOW OLD?? LOL! Love it!

Cindy said...

Gretchen, You make me smile every time you post.
I haven't posted the past few times but read daily.
Dentistry has picked up in the NW and everyone wants to use up the last of their ins. benefits.
I am pooped. Keep me smiling girl friend!

Tiffany said...

you never cease to crack me up

Mamalicious said...

That's so cute about her Lord, Jesus!

I can't like Sid the Science Kid very much on PBS.