Melody has discovered her inner monologue

She announced to me today, "Mommy, my brain is saying things to me that I didn't know before."

She also woke up one day last week, ecstatic about her dream. She told me all the parts, 'except for the secret part that is only for Dixie to know' and then continued to ramble until she announced, "those are all the parts I can remember anymore. The rest is gone from me."

When I was leaving town, I wondered if Charlie would notice that I am gone. He is in such a daddy phase right now that I could be gone a really long time before it occurred to him. By the third day, he had noticed something was amiss and went up to daddy. "Diet Coke? Mommy? No diet coke. No mommy," and then stood there looking quizzical and signing MORE with his little chubby fingers.

Dixie also missed me so much that she had to call grandma and tell her.


Betsy said...

LOL! No diet coke, no mommy huh? Secret addiction? lol. And that is funny about Melody's inner momologue, I have one too, its only concerning when the voices start talking to other people!

Mama Kat said...

I just had to come over after reading your comment about touching yourself when you see Arthur Kade. Too funny!