Queenhood: Not all it's cracked up to be

I came home from work today to find my ceiling draped with pink streamers accented with white and pink giant balloons. The shout of, "Surprise!" was oddly accompanied by the white noise of the wet-vac coming from the bathroom.

Apparently, Dixie and Charlie were taking an unsupervised bath that they spontaneously exited without first turning off the water and no nearby adult happened to think to check for that.

We discovered that one of the major downsides of the floor-ventilation system for the HVAC is how large amounts of water seek to recreate Niagra Falls in just such a situation. And, at some point during the cleaning process, I discovered that my in-laws will be visiting next weekend.

Added bonus? Next week I start a new job. I will be gone eight hours a day grading the TAKS test. From there I will go to the chiropractor and then straight on to Sylvan for a couple more hours of work. I will be working ten hours and gone almost thirteen most days of the week. I will work slightly less on weekends. The children will be under the careful watch of daddy during this time.


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Betsy said...

ACK! Prayers my dear, being sent your way. Good luck.