A Tantrum, in series

Mommy said, "No."

Why, oh why, would Mommy say, "No," to me? I must fall to the ground in sorrow.

"No." I am two, and my life is the worst it will ever be.

I wonder if she is still watching?

She's watching!

But she brought the camera.

Hey, that thing has buttons!

No! What am I thinking? She said "NO" to me. I can never trust her again.

I bet I'm pretty cute in those pictures, though.


Tiffany said...

Funny, my toddler was doing THE EXACT SAME THING today. So, I put on a Veggie Tales video for her to watch. I thought you might like to know that I kept accidently calling it "Gideon the Tuba Goddess" instead of "Gideon the Tuba Warrior." ;)

Jeni said...

That was too funny!

austinrosebuds said...

You have captured, with perfection, the two year old meltdown (i.e., not being happy but still developing the "couth" way to express it). From the Spring of 2007 until the early part of 2008, we had many of those in this family, and they unfolded in the same order you captured on film (I think you may have seen a couple of them? :-))

I do agree - he's a pretty cute little guy ;-).

Amy said...

The first picture cracks me up!!!