The new rule

According to logic, the time change meant that my children who were waking up at 7:30 would now be waking up at 8:30. We were going to have to wake them up at what their bodies think is 6:30 but is now considered 7:30.

That's not quite how it worked. They are now all awake by 6:00, which feels like 5:00. I'm not sure who is waking up first because they are all awake by the time news of their awake-ed-ness reaches our end of the house.

I fell asleep on the couch last night, and woke up around 6:15 to find myself sharing that couch with two cats and three children. Were they all asleep, this might have gone okay. In one last ditch effort at more sleep, I moved to my bed. Ten minutes later, I found myself making a new rule for our home: No playing harmonica in bed.

Good morning.

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Betsy Hart said...

You would think it would work that way!! I wish sometimes my kids would sleep longer.