Shh! Don't tell anyone!

It has been another wild weekend. Three birthday events, the marathon that is Sunday morning rehearsal/class/church/lunch/LIVE performance, dinner out with James at his favorite restaurant (the McDonald's with the tree playground) and a ton of yardwork.

We're exhausted. Even the kids slept til almost 8 and I woke up feeling as if I'd spent yesterday afternoon in that circle of Hell where Dante describes them as pushing rocks uphill (or at least back and forth under the fruit trees in our yard).

I just went in and asked the girls, "How much do you love me?" Melody apparently loves me, "One hundred times to the sky and one hundred times back," while Dixie loves me, "Nine hundred and forty-two times."

I asked, "So how much more would you love me if I said you didn't have to go to school today?" Melody said, "Fifty-two more times," and Dixie agreed.

So hookey it is. Don't let the pre-k teachers find out.


Nikki said...

I know exactly how you feel! I've been packing the house non-stop and some days I would rather just stay home and sleep! :)

Gracie loves school too much to skip...willingly!! grrrr!!!

Betsy Hart said...

We ask my three year old how much she loves us and we get 2. LOL! Guess your kids love you more??