Three days after the head injury, Charlie's still not eating, still groggy, still off. He'll start talking, then pause with a little panicked look in his eyes because he can't find the word.

His occupational therapist ran him through a few things today and found nothing to be overly concerned about. His coordination hasn't worsened and he doesn't seem to have lost any intellectual capacity.

It's just those pesky words.

After that, Dowlan took him to the doctor. There are no signs of lasting damage or infection. He said he'll eat when he's ready to eat. Just make sure to keep him hydrated and keep it low-key.

Low-key is pretty easy to do right now. He perks up for 15-20 minute spurts, before lolling around again. He even behaved in Wal*Mart yesterday. If that won't rile him up, nothing will.

I just don't know.


Lori said...

How scary! I'll keep you guys in my thoughts. I hope his words come back soon!

dalene said...

Trust your instincts. Get a second opinion.

Uncle Trey said...

If Television has taught us anything, its that he needs another blow to the head and all symptoms will reverse themselves.

Unknown said...

This will sound kind of odd, but have you considered a chiropractor? My sister got a bad concussion which also misaligned her spine-the spinal misalignment actually caused her to feel sick, have no appetite and some flu-like symptoms. I don't know if a chiropractor is something Charlie would be comfortable with, but it's something to think about. Hope you don't think me rude for suggesting it.