Lady at Church: Oooh, I like your green nail polish, Charlie.
Charlie: I like your butt head.


Charlie's new favorite word? Butthead. Followed by a close second: Mashed Potato. He told me today, "I punch you in the face til you mashpotato head, butthead.

Then, when I wouldn't let him punch me in the face, he punched himself in the face a few times. And then a few more. And a couple more.

Despite his current fun streak, there are times when he is absolutely adorable. Yesterday morning, neither Dowlan nor I was ready to get up when Charlie was ready for us to get up. So he said, "You get up now? Here. I show you how!" and demonstrated sliding off the side of the bed. He threw in a little gymnast 'ta-da' for good measure before turning to look expectantly at daddy.

This afternoon at the children's musical put on at our church, Charlie was so excited to see the whale. He liked the whale on the program, loved the whale that the little girl had behind him and kept asking for Jonah. Halfway through the show, the enormous blue whale came down the aisle and he started asking, "Charlie in the whale? I go in the whale?" I told him, "There's no story of Charlie and the Whale! It's Jonah and the Whale."

He thinks about it a few minutes before asking, "My name be Jonah?"

Good try, kid. Good try.

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