Charlie spent the day sleeping it off. So did Dowlan. We canceled speech therapy, skipped gymnastics and tried to get some liquids into him. We were slightly more successful with liquids than solids, but neither were very impressive amounts. He perked up enough to play for a few 15 minute spurts. He threw up a bit more, and is still not talking right.

If things aren't better by morning, Dowlan's going to run him to the pediatrician.

The girls have started asking how many days of school left, over and over and over again. They still have kindergarten rodeo, end of year parties and a music program before graduation.

It's so hard to believe that we're ready for first grade!


mjvaughans said...

I haven't seen Charlie in forever. I know those pics of him are in a bad situation, but seriously, he is adorable!! Beautiful hair and eyes!! I hope he is feeling better :-)

dalene said...

OK, I'm worried about Charlie. Please post an update!