So I interpreted that wrong

The calling of an ARD was not to admit him into the program, but to dismiss him.

Although every other professional that works with him--his pediatrician, neurologist, occupational therapists, speech therapist--have done screenings, tests and evaluations that are in direct contrast to what their findings are, those are just documents in the file that mean nothing.

I know he has had drastic improvement over the last year due to therapies, dietary changes and the work that Dowlan and I put in every single day. But having been able to work through some of his limitations so that they now only present as mild weaknesses not significant deficiencies does not mean that there is no problem.

Just because Tylenol brings down your fever, doesn't mean you don't have one.


Unknown said...

That really stinks. Sorry.

Lori said...

The system sucks! Keep fighting for him. I'm sorry.

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry!

Jeni said...

I wanted to say I am sorry to hear that on top of everything else you guys are dealing with this has been added.

Just because they are saying no, it doesn't always mean no. There should be another step to appeal it. See what else you can do.

Ksagstetter said...

Gretchen, have you thought about suing the school district? You have a whole array of tests and opinions on your side. I'm wondering if there's a lawyer at your church or a friend who might do it pro-bono.