Does anyone know a Charlie James S----?

If so, I have a lovely handmade quilt my MIL made for him for Christmas. She sent it here, but it is clearly a mistake. We have no one by that name in this house. We also have a Raggedy Ann sweatshirt with Melodie embroidered on it. Unfortunately, I don't know any Melodies. It should make Dixie feel better about not having anything made for her at all to then have her name not on it.


Anonymous said...

That is not good! Shouldn't she know Charlie's middle name is PANTS by now? Perhaps you could cut the thread on the IE in Melody and embroider a Y.
I feel mad as I am typing this.
I think I'd box the stuff up and send it back with a note to include stuff for all three or don't bother. SHEESH.

Anonymous said...

and maybe figure out the proper spelling before you commit it to thread. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oi. That's really upsetting. I don't know what else to say.

Anonymous said...

Other than that she's getting up there, right? Maybe her mind is going. I mean, since she doesn't seem to know her biological grandkids' names, maybe she simply forgot the existence of the most recently added grandchild :(

~Gretchen~ said...

Dixie has only been with us for a year. I've been part of the family for five years and still don't have a wedding quilt, so I am sure that something is coming for Dixie eventually. She does include gifts for her and has made her a dress.

It isn't even that she misspelled Charlie's name--his middle name is NOT James.