Velcro Update

Here is the previous post on the topic.

We now have more Velcro that likes to sleep in our bed. When the bed gets too full, I travel from bed to couch to couch to bed and it follows me around all night. A few weeks ago, I went to a doctor because I was exhausted all the time, slowly gaining weight despite my best efforts and was having a hard time simply staying awake.

All my tests came back normal and he wanted to do a Sleep Study. I laughed and told him that if he put me in a room by myself I would sleep better than I've slept in slightly over four years. It isn't a matter of a sleep disorder, as much as the fact that my family creates disorderly sleep. I actually considered begging for a week long study, simply so that I could catch up a bit.

Melody, who was once content to sleep next to me, now prefers to sleep on top of me. Thank God she only weighs 28 lbs.

So Dowlan, at some point in the night, ended up asleep on the couch with two girls. On top of him, of course. And he relocated them to get up at the alarm that is Charlie's first morning howls.

Melody woke up this morning, amazed. She ran into my room, crying, "Mommy! I went to sleep on Daddy, but I woke up on Dixie! I must have been sleep walking or maybe it was magic."


Anonymous said...

lovely. i clicked on your simpsons siggy to get here. thank you for reminding me that my crazy life with three children (5, 2, and 1) is survivable and mostly comical. the dinonuggets was hysterical and if i were to be drinking a liquid at the time, it would have sprayed out of my nose.

Rebecca said...

I feel (a small part) of your pain. Tonight I tried to convince Celia that when she woke up in the middle of the night, she should just crawl into bed with Bubby (Jordan sleeps like the dead. Mommy does not). She's not having any part of that.

Anonymous said...

You know in cartoons how the vultures loom over their prey and stare down with some strange posture? Yeah, that's my kid. She climbs into the bed and parks herself next to me and watches like a vulture until the sensation of her eyes on me finally brings me out of a deep slumber. Then she says sweetly, "Hi Mommy! You wake up!"