It's a competition . . .


. . . and I'm clearly winning.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

those baskets are absolutely adorable!

amyblue said...

cute stuff!

Kira said...

Just found your blog today (Thank you BH) and completely abandoned my children to read every last post. LOVE. IT! I'll be back!

->BBC Fairy-Tale Family


Anonymous said...

I'm so making those next year! ;)

Multislacking Mama said...

You totally win! Good job, Momma. Rock on.

Holly (chandlers_a_girl)

Anonymous said...

What a good idea with the baskets!
When I have some grandchildren
I will have to remember the idea.
And the baskets can be useful after the candy is gone. For bows and barrettes perhaps. You did put
new tooth brushes in them along with the candy right? : )
Cindy in Gig Harbor

razberiswrl said...

Copy cat! Copy cat!!!

Original copy cat ;}~

Anonymous said...

I love those - too cute.

BBC - IveBeenNaughty

Maggie said...

Those are fantastic! Now I'm hungry. I was going to make super fantastic cookies, perfectly wrapped in cellophane, with homemade tags attached. You know what my 3 year old runt did to me? He threw himself on the floor for Pirate valentines with pencils. FREAKING PENCILS?! Glory blocker...