Girls, I think Charlie's trying to tell you something

Charlie, a.k.a. Button Pusher, turned off the TV this morning. The girls squealed in protest. Charlie turned around, grinned, and put his hand to his forehead with only his thumb and forefinger out. That's right, the big L for Loser sign. Flashed by my 18 month old.


Melody, praying at dinner last night:
God, thank you for my family. I love Mommy, Daddy, *sigh* and, for some reason, Dixie, and even Charlie.

Dowlan and I were about to burst.


And Dixie has gone an entire week and only written DIXIE on two things--Mommy's fridge and Amanda's water bill. Huge progress, really.


Rebecca said...

Congrats to Dixie on her amazing self control! Yay for progress!

Anonymous said...

LOL at your adorable kids! And YAY for Dixie!