Makes me wonder what they have planned for me

Charlie is becoming, well, a kid brother instead of a baby brother. In the eyes of his sisters, the 'cute' has clearly worn off. So they decided it was time to get rid of him because, to quote Dixie, "He makes it hard to play with our toys."

Dixie first proposed putting him in a box and mailing him somewhere. Melody nixed this, on the grounds that he would be too big and would cry and would be 'unvomclable.' (That's 'uncomfortable,' in the common parlance) She also felt that using a bag would make him 'choke and get sick.'

So it was Melody's turn to hatch a scheme. Her proposal was to have a garage sale, but then she remembered that, 'Mommy doesn't like to have garage sales, only go to them.' So she then settled on what I felt was a fairly brilliant idea: putting him in the toy box. He'll fall to the bottom and we'll never find him again. Just like all the other toys.

Dixie much preferred the idea of taking the tools out of the tool box o that we could put Charlie inside and latch the lid. Then we can put him in the water and float him to Pharoah's daughter. I don't know who her Bible class teacher is this quarter, but I think she needs to focus more on facts and less on communion wine, if you get my drift.

As they hashed over the pros and cons of these, they revisited the box idea and modified it with a bigger box and adding to it the suggestion of including a pillow, that way he could be 'vomclable' and, seeing no other flaws in the plan, decided that this was what they would do.

Very logical girls. Scary, but well-thought-out.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, LOL, they come up with the funniest stuff! Charlie will learn to retaliate soon, can't WAIT for those stories! ;)

Betsy Hart said...

Love it!! And about the pharoh I am sure that it is the same bit of the story my kids will remember...