Dixie: Pink Eye
Charlie: Sinus Infection/Ear Infection
Melody: Strep
Mommy: possibly Strep
Daddy: The ability to leave for work 10 hours aday.

It just isn't fair!


razberiswrl said...

Tell me about it. Oi!

Anonymous said...

soooooo true. we've all got the plague in my house, too.

Anonymous said...

Ugh - you've got me beat, only by virtue of having one more kid! Hope you all get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Aw, sad!
And unfortunately we aren't much better. :(

k e r r y said...

daddy is so lucky!

Leah said...

HUGS Hope you're all feeling better soon. We felt like we were knocking on death's door last week when all five of us had the flu. FUN TIMES!

Anonymous said...

Sickness is going around here too.
(Pacific NW)
I had a blood shot eye last week and had to hide from patients at the dental practice I work at.
I borrowed a coworker's kid's pink eye med. Not sure if it cured it or it cured itself but I look fine now. My side kick dental assistant stayed home T and W with a sore throat. I feel punk now but it's probably from running three dental chairs alone : ) Feel better!