FMIPW: Small step #1

In my efforts to Find My Inner Prarie Woman, I've started with this small step.

The first is abandoning toothpaste. I find it ironic that the progression of dental hygiene goes about like this:
  • rub with sticks
  • rub with baking soda
  • rub with sticks with toothpaste on them
  • rub with sticks with toothpaste on them with baking soda in it
Last night, I used baking soda to brush my teeth. I wet my toothpaste, dipped it in the powder, and gagged as I brushed. Then I dealt with the nasty flavor all night and just brushed with water this morning. Tonight, I used a tiny amount of baking soda. My teeth feel clean and there's no funky taste. I miss the minty-fresh feeling, though.

I've also started researching Going No-Poo. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Charlie's nasty diapers. Rather, it's giving up shampoo.

Sounds positively hideous, doesn't it?

Apparently, God designed the human head pretty well, at least the outside bit. The oils are designed to keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy and are produced in small quantities when not messed with by harsh oil-stripping chemicals. Rinsing in baking soda or vinegar every few days is supposedly enough to do the trick.

I'm not sure about this one, yet. I'm on day five and I'll let you know how it goes. I don't stink or look greasy, but I can't figure out how to style my hair and it just feels odd. I don't know that it's different enough for anyone else to notice.

So there's my start--two products tossed and replaced with two cheaper and more simple products. I promise to give public warning if I decide to chuck deodorant.


Becky said...

No 'poo is the new Magic Cream.

Shay said...

Post pictures! I always pictured you as a red head for some reason!

msguish said...

Supposedly peroxide is a miracle cleaner so you can replace all your other cleaners with it. And it's less than a dollar a bottle. I'll send you an email on it if you want.

Cindy said...

Baking soda is too abrasive to use daily. I don't recommend it.
You don't have to use anything but water on your tooth brush. Just make sure to gear your brushing towards the gum line in a circular motion and only use a soft bristled tooth brush.

Anonymous said...

try a little salt on your brush and if you like the mint just put a very small touch to the tube. Works for me! Auntie

Betsy said...

Interesting.... not sure I want to jump on that bandwagon just yet....

Linda said...

We used baking soda as a child. We also rinsed our hair in lemon juice. Just be sure to strain out the pulp or you end up with weird "dandruff." Makes your hair smell great.

Lynn said...

A friend of mine makes soap. I recently got into this endeavor -- only with her assistance, as I am not ready to plunge into the full expense of starting the process. The soap is natural, vegetable based. I use this to make my laundry soap. It also makes for fine shampoo and body wash just using the bar. No harsh chemicals and pretty cheap when you get to the bottom line. As for toothpaste, I abandoned Crest quite some time ago - the dentist told me whatever I was doing was working and to keep at it. I brush my teeth using natural toothpaste, but have also been known to put a few drops of peppermint oil (which I also put in shoes to keep them smelling fresh) on the toothbrush or just baking soda. They are all fine to me. Baking soda seems too harsh on a daily basis for my mouth, though. Good luck Prairie Woman! I haven't abandoned deoderant yet, either. I tried at one point but I just don't do stink well. And in Texas summers, I STUNK! =)