My plan is working

Right now, I am working 13 hour days, Monday through Thursday, and 8 hour days on Friday and Saturday. Dowlan is completely in charge of housework and stuff involving the kids. I leave before the kids are completely awake and come home in time for bedtime. Dowlan's pretty amazing with the kids and the housework is getting mostly done. He's even taken on things like shampooing couches and carpets, but the laundry is completely overwhelming him.

So we had dinner with some of my new coworkers last night. Dowlan walks in and Scott goes up, introduces himself and shakes his hand. He asks something along the lines of, "How is the life of housedad going?"

With a wide-eyed and blank face, Dowlan said only, "I need a job." and the conversation ended.


Betsy Hart said...

:( Poor daddy! lol. I'm still praying for that right job to come along.

scott said...

He left me speechless. I wasnt sure if he was admitting exhaustion or felt emasculated or a little bit of both.

~Gretchen~ said...

Dowlan's voting for 'exhausted'