I win a genius award for this one.

Since I started the scoring job, my face has hurt. My mouth hurts, my cheek hurts and my forehead hurts. I was trying to figure out if it was from stress and posted questions on an internet board.

I realized that I am mouthing the words as I read, eight hours a day. I am making facial expressions as if I am listening to their stories. I am reacting to their stories as if they are telling them to me face to face.

So I stopped doing that. My cheeks felt better, but then my jaw and teeth started hurting. I asked Dowlan if I'm grinding my teeth at night and had my chiropractor check my alignment. Nothing made sense.

Then I realized that, to keep myself from interacting so painfully with my monitor, I was resting my head on my hand all day, putting pressure on my chin.


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