Straw meet camel

My long and hard week did not need to get anymore fun-filled, but Charlie managed to squeeze one more thing in.

Have you ever seen a happier kid en route to an emergency room?Photobucket

The three hours in the ER weren't quite as bad as when the insurance person informed us that the kids are mysteriously no longer covered under Medicaid. I think I would rather moonlight as a stripper to earn money to pay that bill than deal with that bureaucratic insanity yet again.

Charlie was greeted in the ER by the same doc who sewed his tongue back together just under a year ago. A different doc cleaned it, applied a numbing agent and superglued his left eyebrow back together. He was considerably calmer than Melody was when she had her right eyebrow done at a similar age.

There are 121 minutes of this week left. I don't *think* anything else could go wrong, but keep your fingers crossed just in case.

I was about to hit "publish post" and realized that I never told you what happened. I guess the sleep deprivation is really not working for me here.

I was laying on the living room floor, working a puzzle and chatting with my in-laws when Charlie Pants O'Mister decided to climb Mount Mommy rather unsuccessfully. He flopped to the side and caught the train table on the way down. Melody once broke a coffee table with her head in a similar fashion without drawing a drop of blood, but Charlie managed to bleed spectacularly. I was scared by his complete lack of reaction--he laid in my lap without crying or struggling. He started swelling almost instantly around the 1-inch cut running along his brow.

It was rather convenient to have some spare adults to watch the girls. Dowlan and I have never gotten to go with Charlie to the ER together before and I must say that I found it rather refreshing. We played with finger rockets quite a bit until mommy's paper airplane won his heart.


Betsy said...

Poor Momma! What a day. :( Hopefully you can have a better week next week. And quick healing vibes for the little man!

Just Me said...

Oh how scary! I'm glad he's okay, he does seem pretty happy in that car seat, lol.

Ksagstetter said...

Oh, poor little guy! But he's obviously Dowlan's kid; I have a hard time imagining Dowlan being demonstratively upset about anything.

Nikki said...

WOW!! There is never a dull moment in your house. I'm sorry to hear about all the "activity".
I hope things slow down for you....call me!!

Sheri said...

Also glad to hear he is okay and seemed to handle yet another medical procedure well.

Thinking of you guys. Hope the insurance debacle is resolved soon.