Growing Girls

Yesterday was preschool graduation. I am almost the mother to two kindergarteners. Boy, does time fly.

I'll post pics later.

I only have about two more weeks of insane amounts of work. I'm quitting one job so that I can see my family more and feel crazy less, so you'll see more of me, too.


Deanna said...

Congrats to the girls :)

Glad to hear you'll get some time back.

Lynn said...

Yea! All-around!! It's amazing to me that they are going to be in Kindergarten! I was just looking at some pictures the other day and saw some of Melody when she was a little baby. I'm also glad to hear that you are going to be able to reclaim a little bit of family time!

Donna Lyn said...

I'll trade your 2 kinders for my one SR. I don't know how many times I have been reminded "two more days, one more day and I will be a SR." Tell the girls way to go!!

Betsy said...

CONGRATS!! I am sure it will only feel like a few days before I can say the same, I now get to enjoy every minute of two more years of preschool for my oldest!