Slumbering Ballerinas

Dowlan and the diseased children stayed home from church this morning. I went, but only because I was teaching and, well, I wanted out.

I came home from work and from hanging out with work friends after work very late Friday night to have Dowlan give me the gruesome news: Dixie picked up pinworms at preschool. Also, Charlie isn't breathing so well.

Do not google images of pinworms.

Fortunately, the treatment is fairly simple. One dose of medicine per household member now and another fourteen days later. Stay away from other people for a day or two to let it kick in. Wash all the bedding.

Keeping three children indoors on a beautiful spring weekend is much more complicated. No swimming, no playing in our yard because we share our playground with the neighbors behind us. No going to the park or having friends over. Instead, we watched way too much TV and destroyed home furnishings for entertainment.

See why I needed out? I can find a sub for teaching a lot more easily than I can find a better excuse to leave the house for a bit.

I came home to find the girls dressed up in their fluff and stuff and watching Prokofiev's ballet of Romeo and Juliet on PBS. At one point, Melody wore her self out twirling and laid down to nap on the couch. Dixie, needing a deux for her pas de deux grabbed the cat instead, then complained bewilderedly, "Mo-om! Abb . . . y is clawing me!"

[Abb . . . y is the name of our calico. She has no tail, so her name is Abbreviated Kitty. Abb . . . y is the abbreviated version of Abbreviated Kitty and my personal preference is to use ellipses to show the dropped letters because Abb'y is just too Wal*mart for my tastes.]

[Wal*Mart names, on my mommy board, are children's names that are kre8tiv in spelling and often include random punctuation.]

[I think that's all.]

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Betsy Hart said...

wow what a sucky week :(