Miss me?

We got back home around 3:30 this morning. Brought a few things in, went to sleep, then got up with the girls at 7. Snuggled and talked and loved on them a bit, then left for work about half an hour later and Charlie was still asleep. When I got home at the end of my 12 hour day away, I was just aching to see that silly boof. He was in the mood to snuggle and I was glad for it.

We brought back twin mattresses from my aunt's house and the girls are no longer on crib sized mattresses! No bed frames yet, but I'm content to let them sleep on the floor until they get big enough for bunks.



The rest of their room, while it's clean-er-ish:


There were some other things we brought home from Carol's that I need to get listed here eventually. I know you guys find me entertaining, but the main purpose of this blog is for my children to have a record of their childhoods and I figure it's as good a place as any to let them know later what belonged to their great aunt. I'm too tired to think of that now, but I will mention one thing.

Around Christmas, I lost my engagement ring and it was driving me crazy. My ring didn't cost us much, but it was from the 1920s and really beautiful. I looked for years for a wedding band to match, but never really found the right one. Now Aunt Carol had a very specific style and all of her other jewelry matched her, but the one odd man out was this:


It is almost exactly my engagement ring. AND it has the band I could never seem to find. I was told it was mine, if I would promise to not lose this one.


Thanks, Carol. I needed that.

Unfortunately, during her funeral, my mom's Uncle Buddy passed. He was another amazing person.

It does look like Grandpa has rallied for a bit. I'm glad for many reasons, one of them that I don't think I can handle three funerals in three states in one week. Thanks for all the prayers. It's been a long few days.


Nikki said...

Speaking of amazing....look in the mirror!!
I'm glad you are back and I'm glad you had a safe trip.
The ring is gorgeous...so is your manicure!

Sorry to hear about your Great Uncle Buddy, where are you headed next?

Deanna said...

YES, miss you.
Love - D

Betsy said...

That is a beautiful ring. LOVE IT! And sorry about all the losses you have had this week. Really sucks