A time I was a good friend

So I've read a lot of papers lately about 'A Time I Was A Good Friend' and would like to write my own.

I was a good friend when I had these goofy co-workers and I made them things. First, I made them bread and homemade jam:


Then, I made them dinosaur shirts because one of the papers we read had a picture of a dinosaur. It said RAWR and that "RAWR means I love you in dinosaur."

Scott got the first shirt:

I got the second:

And they both said, on the back:

And now I have more shirts to make this weekend. That is how I was a good friend.

(Okay, I upped the essay quality by quite a bit by actually spelling my words correctly and using the occasional bit of punctuation.)


Betsy Hart said...

That is too funny!! Love the shirts and the bread and jam look delish!!

RG Mama said...

I love the shirts! I want them for my girls. Super Rawr! to the shirts!